Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creative Outlet

Sometimes I think I am losing my mind.  I will see something beautiful that someone made somewhere, and suddenly its all I can think about.  I don't wish I could purchase it, that would be too normal, if I had a million bucks I wouldn't want to purchase it.  I want to figure out how to do it myself.  And I want to do it on a very small budget.  I have very little interest in those big budget, one stop shop somewhere in Los Angeles, overblown re-design projects.  Not because it is unattainable, but because it is BORING.  I want to feel the fabric textures with my own hands while they zip through the machine, yank out staples until my arms are sore and my fingertips are blistered.  I want everything to be one of a kind, original, unique, and I want it to represent MY tastes, not the tastes of some distant designer who would most likely despise me at first glance if we ever met in person.  I want to inhale the paint fumes (in a safe, unintoxicating way), brush away wood dust, scrub years of dirt and grit away from my bargain basement yard sale beauty.  I want to do this all myself... 

So blogging in an inherantly self-centered activity. It assumes everyone in the whole entire world is interested in the minutia of your little life.  It is the reason I resist.  I don't assume anyone, other than my mom and a few of my sisters, will ever see this page.  But there is another element to blogging.  Its the need that we have as human beings to leave a mark, an impression, on the world before we leave it.  It could be in large or small ways, but blogging helps us satisfy that need in a small way.  Its journaling that you share with anyone who cares to view it... and with visual aides to help us all stay interested. 

So with that being said, my creative, sometimes disturbed and unresting mind is looking for an outlet.  I have begun to pick up yet another hobby, finding old, forgotten pieces of furniture or decor, and trying to uncover the beautiful elements.  Making it new again.  A makeover for the inanimate objects in my life.

So it begins.  Enjoy...