Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am planning on being a vendor at the upcoming Vintage Market in March, hosted by Tara Finch over at Junk Restore.
I have been a busy little bee making and thrifting to make sure i have enough inventory.

My sister in law Katy asked me to make her a spring wreath as well.

The one with all the tags is for the sale, the pink one is for Katy.

Funny story...

As i was gluing little robins eggs to the tag wreath, my daughter came in holding a real birds nest she had found outside. Funny little coincidences in life.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cross Back Chairs

These are really nice chairs. I bought them from a nice older lady who was consolidating two homes.

She had several antiques that i wanted to buy, but I had to have some restraint :-)

Before and after

Asking $120 for all four.

Bachelor's Chest

I bought this dresser from a single guy who was about to move across the country. Before we left he had offered us almost everything in his house.

Before and after

Monday, February 13, 2012

Turquoise Dresser

Lovely solid wood piece.

Before and after.

Asking $285

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peacock Green Dresser

I bought this from a local family, it wasn't in the best shape when I picked it up. It was the typical 1970's construction, not great but not as bad as you see now-a-days.

I do not have a before shot. But it was like a fake dark brown wood color.

I decided after I painted this LARGE dresser in such a bold color that I would age it. I like to use an oil based black stain for things like this. I wipe it on and use a wet towel to wipe it off and smear it around.

This was a fun project.


Walnut Dresser

I saw this on Craigslist and the gentleman who was selling it was a little older and didn't have email or text. I left a message and, just like the old days I waited for a few days until he called me back. In my area a dresser like this last about 2 hours at the most. This one was still available three days later, most likely because of the technical difficulties.

I have seen a lot of furniture, inside and out, and I haven't yet seen one that was this solidly and beautifully constructed. It was it great condition as it was, but I thought of painting it a gray color and I got butterflies in my stomach.