Monday, May 2, 2011

Mesa Auction

Every Friday night, there is an auction in central Mesa. I have been before, but only to bid on the brand new furniture. In the beginning of the auction, they are in another room, where everything is USED, some antique. This is why I went this time.

I asked my friends Molly and Kris to come along, for moral support.

Right off the bat, they offered up this Crate and Barrel shag rug.

I knew it was a nice piece, but when it was being ignored by the bidders, I threw my hand up. I won it for $17. I looked it up later and found that it retails for $400. But I am keeping it. I love how luxurious it feels, the shag is truly deep and it's 100% wool. It's rolled up in my garage and flipping heavy... so the photo is obviously a stock photo.

Then we went inside and saw some gorgeous old blue glass globe lamps. They were oversized, ornate, even gaudy. I had to have them.

I snagged them for $20 a piece.

Here is one staged in my house.

Find an auction in your town. It's a really fun evening.



Hi! I recently became a follower. I also live in the area. What auctions do you go to? Are they done by the city or are they done by a private company? Thanks!

Faded to Fab

Julie, I am so sorry I didn't respond... I missed this comment! The Mesa Auction is privately owned. I think most large towns have them.

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