Monday, May 2, 2011

New Old House

I have stated in a previous post that we are renters. To be straightforward, almost three years ago, we short sold our then dream home in Casa Grande, becoming some of the first victims of the downward market.

We decided against any other financial maneuver, and attempted to move forward with our lives, hoping to move beyond the horror of the recession.

We have been renting ever since. I have heard folks that are upside down on their homes say that they wish they were renters. I remember feeling that way.

But, for the record, it gets old. You never can forget the fact that the place you are living is not your own. It will never be your own. And, as a nester and a lover of all things lovely, I was tortured with the fact that any home improvements would be swallowed in the renters abyss.

So I lived with white flat walls, awful gold light fixtures, cheap carpet, and many other things. I got used to them, but never overcame my craving for a lovely nest of my own.

I also got over my previous love for mansions. I honestly can say, that if someone offered me a giant, luxurious mansion or a little cottage, right now, I would choose the cottage.

So my husband and I finally reached a place where we though we could be homeowners again. I browsed the MLS (a full version for Arizona is available here.)
and found this house for a STEAL. I won't say how much, but it's a truly amazing price. So low, the folks that own homes around us will hate us. Just kidding, hopefully.

Here it is

The listing says it needs a new roof, has no a/c, and needs flooring.
We visited, and my husband, being licensed GC, said that it wasn't so bad. It will need some work, but it's all do-able.

It's a mess.  A huge mess. But all I could see was the potential. There is a massive mulberry tree in the front yard, and the walls inside are board and batten. The exterior is covered with high quality siding. I am in love. We put in an offer, and are now waiting for the bank to approve the short sale. If we get it, all my blog posts will be dedicated to the improvement of that house. I might even buy myself a fancy camera and get lessons from my talented little sis, Annie and my good friend, Kim.

Wish us luck.



Its so Cute!! So happy for you! but I am bummed. we will miss you here. and the boys will miss you at scouts. But as fella in your renter position I sure hope like heck you get it!!


Oh Jess!!! I hope that you guys get this house!

Dave, Tamara and Addysen Mowers

Wahoooo! That is fabulous NEWS! Congrats. I sure hope you guys get it! Yippeee. Smiles, Tamara Mowers


OH best of luck Jess! I'll be crossing my fingers!! I know the nesting itch all too well and hope that you can satisfy it soon!

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