Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My awesome step son, Bradley, just graduated from Queen Creek High, and he has been helping me with my furniture.

I want to explain that my aforementioned "hiatus" from painting furniture is on hold. So I am on a Hiatus Hold. Ok... so I am still painting, maybe even more than ever, and hating the heat, but loving this hobby-turned-business.

We were on our way to pick up a table, and we passed a small, run down trailer in a sketchy part of town. The thing that made this trailer catch my eye was that there was a lovely dresser sitting out front.
I told Bradley, my chauffeur because I hate driving, to TURN AROUND. We were running low on our allotted seed money for the day, but I was intrigued.

As we walked up the drive, I noticed there were three dressers, two that were matching and one that was LARGE, buried in the tiny carport.

I figured it wouldn't hurt to knock on the door. I knocked and waited... and waited... almost left, then looked again at those lovely pieces, and decided to knock again. The neighbors were sitting in the doorway of their house, enjoying a ... tobacco product... and they kindly told me that the woman who lived there was indeed selling the furniture and was always home. She had suffered from a recent stroke and never left the house.

I knocked again and she finally came to the door... wearing only a small towel. I tried not to look down and asked politely if I could purchase the dressers.

She said she would sell them, for a song... I couldn't believe it.

I finished these two dressers the same day.

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Jamie and Heather Darger

DId you do them matching white? I was looking for something to but on each end of my bed. If so how much for the set?

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