Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moved In...

We moved in today and all day my thoughts were... how in the world can I ever thank everyone? So, in last page of a CD cover style, I want to use this public blog to thank everyone individually.

First. Mom and dad... for the air conditioning which is blasting over my head as we speak, which would bring tears to my eyes if there were any fluids left in my body. For the beds. The WORK...(mom scrubbed toilets and dad climbed around on the roof.) The love and support and of course... for everything else I won't mention.

My mother and father in law, Wally and Debbie. For watching the children for hours on end, for the awesome Slade hot dogs that first moving day, and Wally for lifting and shifting and scrubbing. And Debbie for painting until her usually perfectly manicured toes were speckled and her hair was peppered with a lovely shade with baby blue latex.

My brother Brad and his wife, for housing us and feeding us for four days, for watching the kids for hours on end. Brad for coming out TWICE and trimming trees, hauling trash, and mowing dirt. :)

Ben Hunt my brother in law for coming that first day and getting yelled at by our crazy toothless neighbor lady and then still staying and cleaning up the yard in record breaking heat.

To MOLLY... who is not family but who worked her arse off like she is. She was there at least once a day EVERY day, painting, cleaning, hauling out trash, she fixed my front door. She drove with me all over Mesa. She was my sidekick and support and I can never thank her enough.

To Ben and Emily Slade, who came for two days in a row and basically painted my whole entire house. Truthfully the house would not be painted if they hadn't shown up. And to boot, they took my two boys to the STYFL carnival for several hours and let Newell and I work... miraculous. Also to their daughter Adrianna, who helped paint today. So sweet.

To Brent Slade, who let us use his dump trailer and his big huge truck so we could haul three dump trailer loads of the previous owners trash to the dump. And for helping Newell load most of that trash into the trailer. Even a trash bag that I had hastily loaded with kitchen knives and broken glass... sorry Brent. No harm no foul right?

To Toby and Tyler Trejo, who came this morning and basically unloaded the Uhaul alone, with Newells help. They were nails today.

To my step son Bradley and my step daughter Jennie. They both helped for several days, heavy and difficult labor. Two teenagers whom I am sure had other, more pleasant things to do.

I am overwhelmed and emotional after five days of hard labor. My feet hurt and my heart is full. I can't imagine a more blessed person that I am with family and friends. I wish I could give you all five dozen roses or five dozen cookies ... or both. I simply can't express it enough.

Other than to simply say, from my family to yours,

Thank you.

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Now that thank you are out of the way.. PICTURES!!!!!!

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