Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update: New House

I have been getting a lot of emails asking for photos of the project so far.

Too much has happened to go into too much detail in one post, so I will start from the beginning.

The prior tenant, we soon discovered, had lived here all of his 37 years. He had lived here with his daughter, and I think, at one time, his daughters mother. But I never met the mother and don't know what became of her.

When we bought the home he said that he had just lost his job and, his dad, the man who owned the home, had sold it without keeping him informed. He said that he was now about to be homeless. We gave him five days to move, and he eventually did, but did not take much with him. We recently discovered that he moved across the street, to live with his friend. So, in an awkward twist, we now see him regularly, along with his dog and occasionally his 18 year old daughter.

So we began with a giant clean-up, trash out effort. We had family and friends over and we all worked in record breaking heat and humidity, with no air conditioning, in filth and dust for four days.

It wasn't fun. But here are some photos of the process.

These were inside:

And here are some progress shots of the outside:

We the tore out carpet. It became clear to us all that this would require masks, as this stirred up a lot of odors and air borne contaminants. It was yucky. My husband and step son, Bradley, did all the work.

So, here are the last photos I have of the house, all cleaned out, carpet removed. The outside is still messy, as we speak, but now the carport is full of our stuff... and we are slowly chipping away at that.

Next up, moving in and a little put-back...


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