Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A lot of cleaning, a lot of moving... and a lot of decisions to be made

Before we could move in, we had to paint and put in carpet, and most of all, clean.

We are running continually on a limited budget, so we had to prioritize on what we felt we absolutely had to do, and we decided, get one bathroom working, which niether one really was, and also, like I said before, carpet and paint, and the kitchen as a whole would have to wait.

So, while I cleaned, along with Molly and my mom and Jennie and Bradley, Newell went around fixing things, demolishing things, etc.

This is my mama, who spent a collective total of SEVEN HOURS cleaning the bathrooms alone. She used her handy dandy steam cleaner, steaming out crevices and cracks, unclogging drains, bleaching and scrubbing.

You can see the carpet, which ended up being installed professionally and costing us more than expected, though it was still a bargain at $700 for all the bedrooms and the family room.

And we painted everything the same color to save time and energy and confusion. I picked out a light blue from Walmart's Color Place brand, which I have always felt was a good deal and the paint quality is decent. Everyone got in on the painting action. Even some of my 10 year old nephews.


My mother-in-law, Debbie

My sister-in-law, Emily

My brother-in-law, Ben

My niece, Adrianna

And my beautiful step-daughter, Jennie

Without their help, my walls would still be nasty.

We decided to rent a Uhaul since, as I mentioned in my last post, the previous occupants unwillingness to move out made out timeline messy and we needed a place to keep all our stuff in the interim.

My brother in law, Toby, brought his son, Tyler, and between them and my husband, the Uhaul was unloaded in a few hours.


Even my 9 year old son, Ethan, was a big help

And here is the house, after all the moving-in chaos, our stuff piled into rooms with brand-new carpet and brand new paint.

Next up, organizing, closets, and kitchen progress...


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