Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Dresser... let's up our game

I have been trying to become more skilled in my work while maintaining efficiency. I found a great product called rub on polyurethane, which makes the final poly coat super fast and easy. I found a good cheap primer by Zinzer.

Now I am trying new techinques and am in awe of the world of furniture refinishing. Blocking, waxing, razor blading... Vaseline, spackle, crackle and POP. I thought I was pretty great with my sanding block and my angled Purdy. Now I see the world is a big place and its intimidating.

I painted this dresser (after many repairs by my handsome hubby) my coastal blue and then broke out my glaze. I have used it before but didn't like the thick, smeary way it turned out. It looked like mud. Also a quart of glaze is $10 and you go through a lot of it.

So I thought I would try to water it down. I added a lot of water and sure enough, the consistency was much better and easier to work with.

It went on easy and came off nicely too. The trick with glazing is to avoid making it look fake. I got one step closer to achieving that.

I hit it with my awesome Wipe on Poly, available at Home Depot and posted and sold it. Here's to self improvement.
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