Wednesday, February 16, 2011


At SAS with Molly (who does weddings and has a website at the other day I picked up some burlap. I also found this ribbon that happened to be the exact right color of my boys room, kind of a silvery periwinkle, but it said Densply Rinn on it. So weird. But it intrigued me. I liked that it was bot traditional and it wasn't something you could find at Joann's. I bought three yards at 69 cents a yard, and bought six yards of the burlap at $1.99 per yard. So with tax it was about $15. I wanted to make VERY simple panel curtains that went to the floor. As I said in my previous post, I am not great on a sewing machine.

So I sort of stumbled through the process, reminding myself that this aint yo mama's sewing project. When you are going vintage or shabby, you almost want it to look like someone made it before the Industrial Revolution, with limited supplies and limited tools. It hearkens back to a simpler time. So instead of a croissant, you are making a dense loaf of whole wheat bread, with some un-ground berries that stick in your teeth. I love it, but my mom would not have approved of the haphazard way I threw those babies together.

I also decided I hate working with burlap. It's so messy and has a strange feel on your skin. I guess I am too soft. I also looked up the Dentsply Rinn reference. It's a dental supply company. WTH???

I got the curtain rod for free from my mo-in-lo (mother in law, Debbie Slade, awesome lady).


Brent & Emily Slade

so cute! love the shutters too!

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