Friday, February 18, 2011

My Rapidly Disappearing Desk

I bought this desk for $20 from CL. As I was driving home in my husbands truck, singing to Bonnie Raitt (sp?), blissfully unaware that my new desk was shedding drawers along the road.

An older lady (who happened to have an impressive beard and mustache) started honking and shouting at me. I did what any motorist would do, I gave her a dirty look and sped up. Then I realized what was happening. I pulled into a gas station, losing another drawer as I turned.

I assessed the damage. I had lost the three top drawers. I ran into the intersection and grabbed the one that had just fallen, then drove back for about a mile, to no avail. Two drawers were gone. I cursed a little, I won't lie.

There aren't very many things that I can't do when it comes to fixing furniture. Making drawers is one of them.

I morosely drove home and thought about what I could do. The top middle was a pencil drawer. I unscrewed the frame for the drawer and it looked like there was never a drawer there. Then I cut a piece of thin MDF or particle board, I can never tell the difference, and out it into the empty opening of the other drawer, on the left. I painted the whole thing and distressed it. Lastly I took out seven different knobs that I had lying around and spray painted them all Heirloom White from Rustoleum. It's more like cream.

I listed it on CL and am actually currently racing to meet a lady who wants it. **SOLD**

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