Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post Tax Filing Armoire

I discovered this app for my HTC Evo, which runs on the Droid operating system, which I love almost as a son (it seems like a boy) called craigsnotifica. It's a really weird name and I suspect the author is foreign. But this app simply rocks. You enter your criteria for Craigslist, as in location, price range, keywords, etc., and this app notifies you the second something is posted.

So if you browse Craigslist often, you know that there are a lot of folks out there who just don't care to make money, they just want to get rid of their stuff. One guy posted a whole bedroom set for $45, and I missed it. The good stuff goes in minutes, sometimes seconds, if the seller will hold the item for the first guy who calls.

Well now I get the ad in my phone in seconds, and I click the number and reach the seller in seconds. I have a supreme Craigslist advantage. At least over people who don't have this app. I realize posting this info may tip a few people off, and I may lose some of the edge I feel I have, but its worth it. This app must be shared.

So Newell and I were getting our taxes done, and the dude helping us was supremely slow. A process that should take an hour, tops, is taking more like three. I get my first craigsnotifica ad. The magical little peace sign that pops up in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

I start panicking because its something I really want at a price that I love. But we are stuck with Mr. Tax Man in a too warm H&R Block, and I know the clock is seriously ticking. So in between deductions and credits and income questions, I am desperately texting the seller, telling her I am coming soon.

Finally we get out of there. My husband is not too happy about what I call my "furniture habit." He was kind enough to help out though.

We picked up this little cream colored armoire. I was a little disappointed to discover that it was, in fact, not solid wood, but laminate over MDF.

But the price was still right.

I painted it black, then distressed it. It sold within a day or two.**SOLD**

Here is the result.
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