Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adding Loveliness to a Political Fundraiser

My parents recently hosted a fundraiser for Jeff Flake

I went to help set up. I couldn't attend, even though I wanted to, because I had other plans, but I figured I would contribute to my political party by contributing my meager skills to this one.

First task was arranging the beautiful roses my mom bought at Costco. She is all about frugality. She loves loveliness, just like her daughters, but she has never been one to hire a team to do work she can do herself.

She chose orange as a theme color. I agreed with this choice. Orange is becoming a fashinable color and represents energy, positivity, power. Perfect.

So we began with three dozen perfect orange roses and a simple, square vase. Mom wanted a designer look, the tight, square, low profile type arrangement. This is how I did it.

Start by filling the vase or bowl to about halfway with warm water, and pouring the powdered plant food into it.

Then begin cutting your rose stems. With a tight arrangement, you want to remove all or most of the leaves. Cut stems on a diagnal. There is some debate over this technique, but my arrangements always last a long time, ao if it ain't broke...

Cut about 1-2 inches longer than the depth of the vase. Start placing the roses in. It won't begin taking shape until the very end, when the rose buds begin to hold each other up. Just turn the piece continually, making sure you are filling holes.

When you have filled the vase to the point that there is no room for more, start checking it from every angle. Feel free to carefull tug one rose up and push another down to achieve a uniformity.

If the sight of the stems bothers you, take some extra leaves and push them down each of the four sides while holding that row of rose buds back with your other hand. I had my friend Kristin help me with this part.

Then place and enjoy!

There were a few extra buds, so my mom broke out her fabulous little bud vases. They are pure crystal, and will set you back about $25 a piece, but they are available in acrylic as well for much cheaper. I simply placed a single bud in each and we placed them randomly around the room.

Roses from Costco are very affordable, I believe these bunches were $19 a piece, and there are 18 in each bunch.

Go make some fresh flower loveliness somewhere in your home!


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