Monday, March 7, 2011


We need to move. Without dumping our personal family issues out all over the world wide web like so many feathers... I will admit that we can't truly afford our situation. Back in August, after three years of struggling as builders in a suffocating home building market, my husband and I decided to put all our efforts into getting a nine to five job.

We have some good friends, the Skinners, and they were the folks to throw us a lifeline. Matt works for the City of Mesa. He told us about an upcoming position as a Facilities Foreman.

The benefits were terrific, the salary, though not going to make us rich, was more than we had been getting paid changing kitchen faucets and washing windows.

But once we got rolling it became clear we were going to have to, once again, re-assess our lifestyle and make some changes.

Only a week ago, we went over every little thing and began trimming the fat.

Now, I should explain. Pretend you have a very lean steak, with almost non-existent fat, and you are tediously, carefully trimming as much as you can out. That was Newell and I.

Both our cars are paid off, we have zero credit card payments, a low rent payment, low insurance, pretty low utilities, and we still end up holding our breath for the last week of our pay cycle.

So, not much fat.

But we did it anyway, and determined that even though our rent payment is currently low, it needs to be a little lower.

And I realized, for the first time, I am not afraid to move into a boring little stripped down rental. I know how to make things pretty! Mostly because of you folks out there in the blogging world. All you out there on my favorites list, you removed my fear of white walls, white appliances, beige vinyl floors, 1998 gold and glass chandeliers. I can make almost anything pretty.

It's massively liberating.

So I want to record the experience from beginning to end.

We are moving. It doesn't matter where. And I am taking whoever wants to go along for the ride. Wish me luck!
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You do make things beautiful and it wont matter where you live to be able to do that! You and Newell are awesome!! Luv ya!!


Good luck! It sounds like a fun and amazing adventure! We have too much house payment for ourselves right now too and it is not fun, so I feel ya.

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