Friday, March 18, 2011

New Computer

Don't get too excited. It was the cheapest one I could find anywhere. $298 at Walmart. We have a nice big monitor and it came with all the little accessories other than that. We were using an old Dell Dimension that we have had forever. When my pretty Toshiba Laptop crashed, I sold it and we pulled that old dimension out, fired it up and soon were feeling the nostalgia of 1999 technology. Scary slow internet, Windows XP, service pack 2, and all the antiquated things that come with it.

SO, happy to say, a few days ago we scraped our quarters together and splurged on the cute little Emachine desktop that I am now blogging from. I can't believe how this bottom of the line, base grade unit performs compared to that Dell, which, in it's time, was a pretty rockin' CPU. I guess that's how technology rolls.

So I now can blog from my PC, instead of always from my phone. I will still use my phone sometimes, but the Evo, although it's an awesome phone in almost every way, is lacking in the photography department. I can now use my decent Canon, another Walmart special, and post better pictures.

It feels like I was on a long road trip and hadn't been able to use the toilet for 10 hours. And now I am home, and I am relieved. Ahhh...


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