Monday, March 21, 2011

A Peek At My World...

This is my "work space." I think of Jan on The Office every time I say that. But it's the best word for it. It's not a work shop, because I think that implies at least three walls. I guess I could call it a work area... but I don't.

I used to work from the garage, but I started to get paint on the concrete, which made my husband very nervous. He also hated me using up the garage space, when, in his mind, a two car garage is for cars. I have to agree. I like parking my Honda Odyssey in there, especially in the summer.

All my best ideas come in between sleeping and waking. It's the strangest thing, you would think I would be delirious and once I woke up I would laugh at my silly dream ideas. But they are all good! I think there is a little idea elf who lives under my bed and whispers to me about paint samples and cheap fabric and how to attach drawer pulls. I need to name the little guy. He will be mentioned often. Any ideas for my idea elf's name will be seriously considered.

One of these said idea's came along when I was worried about the garage. I have a decent sized back patio, roofed in, and I though, PERFECT!

There was already some abandoned shelves back there, so I loaded all my stuff onto them. I have been happy ever since. And so has Newell.


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