Monday, March 14, 2011

two desks... its all about the cash, or is it?

So I have such a high volume of furniture going through my house, that I began to notice it was all becoming sort of one note.

I rely on efficiency to make money, so I can't get too intricate or I won't make much of a profit. It's all about the Benjamins baby. Not really, but a little.

I also have four awesome kids, and the quicker I can finish, the more time I have to take care of them.

But I am also a creative person. So after awhile of same and more of the same, burnout starts rearing its' ugly head.

So I tried to think outside the box a little.

I got both of these sweet little desks at the Store More facility by my house, where they were holding their semi-annual rummage sale.

One interesting note is that one of the desks, the one that now has the word "know" painted on the top, was sold to us by a sweet woman who wept as we carried it off. She said it was one of the few things she had that belonged to her mother, who had passed away. But she didn't have room for it, and she had prayed before the sale that someone would take it home so that she didn't have to take it to the dump or goodwill. It was a sweet moment, one that reminded me of one of the reasons that we do this. Re-purposing old furniture is a way of honoring our ancestors, remembering their contribution and keeping the fruits of their labors in use. Some things I work on are decades old, some even from the Depression. I can almost feel the bygone years as I work. My husband says I am a little psychic, I think I am just a sentimental old fool. **SOLD**
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